Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crochet Flower Coaster

Hello world!'s been a week since my last post...been tight up with office work and by night time, I would be extremely tired to do anything (another excuse hehehe).

Anyway, after all the excuses , I managed to omplete this little coaster of mine, fits just nice for my cup of coffee or even to place your personal things such as your watch, brooches etc. And to top it off, I just added a double crochet flower. Oh yes, just to show off my new Gingham button the button design :)

It's mid of January already but I still can't help myself from being lazy to go to work. That is not good, Rafidah...really..not good at all :)


Aisyah Helga said...

Comelnye coaster tu! Love that button! Mana akak dapat?


aah la...comey la button tu...rajin betul mkait coaster tu ya..

Rafidah Ahmad said...

aisyah....akak beli on9 through moley garden..sebab akak takde paypal...button ni jual kat etsy. kalau nak url akak leh email.

thanks rodiah...taklah rajin sangat...kait satu coaster jek hehehehhe

Yati said...

Terlalu comel la, dijadikan coaster. Sayang letak gelas.
Cute button! :D

lia said...

eiiii..comelnya!!cutenya bunga+button tu...kaler pun soft je...:)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

yati..thanks :)....baru first time buat coaster heheh

thank you lia :)

MamaDaniel said...

cutenyer kak... :D
ni kalo tayang kat ofis nih confirm ramai yang order ni kak.. :)