Friday, April 20, 2012

April is ending

Hi peeps!

Yeah yeah yeah...i's been ages for not updating here. Not that I did it on purpose though, sometimes I just have to find the right time, the right word to scribble here and of coz photos! What's a blog without lovely photos right? :)..Ok, ok, enough blabbering before I bore you peeps.

Let's talk about what I've done so far 

 red & black hat 

 colorful hat using Alize Wool Acrylic yarn :)

 Champagne color hat using Alize Acrylic Yarn
And....I just found out something...wanna know what ? I can crochet while traveling hehehehe....I managed to do this recently when I went up north state with my husband for his business trip...I was so bored and luckily , i brought together my crochet handy bag...and guess what!

Ta-daaaa!!!! Notice my blue crochet handy bag , snuggling next to me ;) . so next time I know how to kill time during traveling by car. Luckily, I did not get dizzy doing it because I just can't do my reading in a car. I don't mind munching on food/chocs/sweets though hehehhehehehe.

So , where do u do your crochet? While watching tv? On your bed/sofa? I'm sure anywhere you do it, you will just enjoy it as much as I do, cause you love doing it , right? :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hats in April

Busy mode...hehehhehe

 Pictures say louder than words..hehehehhe(lazy mode huhuuuu)