Thursday, April 30, 2009

Childhood Place Part 2

Sometimes u feel like u wanna break free and go to a place that u miss. Especially when u feel bored or tired with ur current surrounding. Once in a while I will feel like totally 'breakdown' with no reason. Wanna know where I wanna go at this time , at this very hour? Here...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Business Partners

I've always dream to have a nice simple biz. All these while I was searching for the rite biz to do during my spare time. From baking cupcakes, selling cookies, doing makeup for weddings, making hantaran for weddings..u name it, I've giving those ideas the thoughts and even tried doing them. But, in the was just an idea or a one time trial. Hehehehe..knowing that I'm NOT a patient person, I should try to figure out a biz that would not take much of my time, my patience and something that I love and enjoy doing it. Soooooooooooo..... that's when this simple and nice biz idea came out, with the help of these two lovely friends of mine. Without them, this thing would not happened.

U wanna know what is it? Check it out then.....

And I wanna introduce my two lovely flowers in the biz ....Norlie & Ninie...girls! say hi ! hehehhehehe

Photoshots by good friend Shidi a.k.a manok.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Have u every had ur picture taken ? What a silly question rite :) What I meant was, have u ever posed as a model to have ur picture taken? Well...some of my colleagues are now involve in photography lately. Some of them have been in doing this for quite some time, and some of them are starting to get serious in photography.
Frankly speaking, it's so HARD to pose as a model...hehehe. No wonder models get high pay for this. And another thing, I'm not that photogenic :) so dont laugh ok...hehehhe