It all started in Sept 21, 2009. Thinking of doing something new (probably not new to others), I tried doing my 1st felt craft, which was a hand phone pouch for my father. Novice, na├»ve, totally zero knowledge on this beautiful craft and I started to fall in love with it. Pinkshoelover was chosen since I do love pink color since it’s sweet, soft but has that vibrant character. And I think I feel and look good in pink :)

Slowly, pinkshoelover starting to have more products and I mix my felt craft with crochet stuffs that I used to love doing during my school years. And till now, I never get enough with crochets and felt craft -  it’s my therapy; this is what keeps me going...in life...with its ups and downs :)

Do enjoy pinkshoelover, as much as I enjoy creating stuffs for her. Feel free to choose any of your preferred items in here. But hey, if you can’t find anything that you like, I do hope you will leave pinkshoelover with a smile on your face. That’s priceless.
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