Sunday, July 31, 2011


First day of fasting month....lovely weather, lovely fresh. Got this award when I was online this morning...brighten up my day even more..thanks to crafter mea from

Not that I'm holding my crocheting for a week.. I am in progress doing bits here and there..testing out pattern here and there...sometimes the mood was out of the way....but no worries...will post something about what I've been up to :) Meantime, to all Muslim crafters and bloggers....Wish you all HAPPY FASTING during this holy month. See ya!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stripey Hat

Done a simple stripey hat..

Went to Penang during the weekend with a friend...great time, great company, great food.. :) Since it was girl trip, my honey had to be left at home hehehhe...oh well, it's kinda fun going out once a while with friend...kinda wild don't you think even though most of the agenda were eating, food, eating, food hehehhe.. bye-bye Penang, hope to be there again..Photo below was taken at a nearby jetty namely Teluk Tempoyak..the seafood were EXCELLENT :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friends, Tea and New Flower

Had a great weekend with friends. We had cakes and teas plus lots of gossips :) And it's kinda boost up my idea on crocheting , making new flower based on a book that I bought few months back.

First attempt ...

And I used different yarn in the middle...cotton bali yarn...

I will try to post the steps in crocheting the flower in next post ...hopefully hehhehe

What do you think about them on the hat?

The place where I had tea with friends...lovely setup !

And and my loud and bubbly companions, tea had never been better !

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hi everyone...a week with no post kinda make me feel a bit left behind in the  blogger world...but hey...I'm still around...doing my things here and there, great weekend even though I was mainly at home hehehe.Not forgetting my yarns and needles...accompanying me while I'm surfing or watching rite? :)

Not satisfied with the quality of the photos but still , it's better than not having one :) How I wish I can have a good quality camera for my craft , not that I'm complaining of what I have now (which is only a hp camera) but hey! a girl can dreams rite? :)  It's always delightful to see other great bloggers snap great photos and sharing what they love here. Always inspiring to others don't you think?   And talking about inspiration...what/who inspires u in your daily life/dream/ambition? Me? I'll talk about it in the next post hehehhehe

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Work In Progress...Syhhhhhhh :)

Silence in talking ...hehehhehe

colorful yarns to show off hehehhe