Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leaving May...soon

The weather is not kind nowadays....there goes my health too. Had high fever recently. After two days leaves, I'm back to work. Kinda feeling ok and fresh...with some rains to dampen up the dryness around us.

Back to hooks and yarns....

Not doing much baking lately......but few try-outs on here and there menu ...just to cheer up the mood. Fasting month is just around the corner  and I'm starting to think of what cookies to bake :)...but surfing and watching too many cooking videos make me feel like a celebrity chef hahahahahhaa....and even bought myself an ice cream scoop after seeing a video showing how easy to scoop cupcake batter even though I don't know when I'm gonna use it ....going nuts, I am. 

But hey, sometimes... just by buying a silly ice cream can makes you feel HAPPY! At least, when suddenly at night, I feel like baking after crocheting...THE stuff is there....hmmmmm, think I'm gonna bake something ...yummmy!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lovely May

I'm still here :)