Monday, September 24, 2012's me again

Hi!!! I'm a real a champion when it comes to holiday's FOREVER...I want to blame on the frequent public holidays recently.....and those holidays really made me....LAZYYYYYY ... I have not crocheting much , more on spending myself facebooking (hey! a girl has to indulge into new crochet ideas right...) , watching a bit and there of new downloaded movies, lazying around...sleeping early....doing spring cleaning...went for after raya short trip up east coast, baked some...cooked's been great.

Tell you where I've been....the photos were taken at below resort.

Awesome place with awesome accomodation, not so high in price too.
Once in a's good to get out from your usual place and hometown...see new surroundings....try different type of food....unfortunately I did not snap food photos..what!!! Cause was enjoying them and forgot all about snapping hehehhe....

Lovely scenery..the breeze, the ocean, the beach....speechless. Took my breath away..
Back at home, practicing old fav recipe....pineapple cake. I have not baked this for quite some time and since I have some stocks of baking I thought of whisking few cakes....the urge and excitement of cracking eggs and measuring sugar , butter & flour suddenly creeping through my body....hahahah...dramatic but true.
And I even tried a cream caramel recipe..I've never done cream caramel it's kinda exciting...
Turned out ok..I think heheheh

And who could have resist the spaghetti can cook it earlier and freeze it. The next day....just boil some paste..and walla!

 Baking mode was so consistent...I even baked twins!!! hehehhehe
Last but not least..after all the travelling, baking, cooking etc....back to the most theraupetic session...CROCHETING....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Holiday

Hi Peeps!!! Back to the real world....been on self created holiday mood...not going anywhere though hehehe...just been busy preparing for the Raya festive...baking, cooking, baking , cooking, a bit here and there crocheting...