Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Holy month.....fasting.......should not be lazy though :)

love baking and cooking during this month .....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crochet, Chocodates, Love!

July is in town , I'm way behind the post updates.Not that I'm lazy ...but busy with lots of things.Trying to keep up with the crochet stuffs and also with chocodates orders. Chocodates???'s chocolate dates with almond husband has been in this business for the past 2 years , it's one of his other business venture that's he's into. And this is my first time, doing it on my own....trying to gain new exposure and income for the coming fasting month :)

Interested to try it? :)

I'm still doing some and there, bits and pieces , trying this and that hehehhehehe.....

And I attended my 1st bazaar this year....but not promoting my handicraft...more on chocodates...with my dear friend , Mar who is a baker...she bakes delicious cuppies!  There she to me snapping this photo heheheh


Plus....I did the price tag myself, hehehehe cute don't you think? No? Well,I don't care posting it anyway :)

Doing other thing than crocheting does not mean I'm tired of it. I think diversifying myself would make me more productive, more creative and happy. Yup, HAPPY is the word.

Ok peeps...wanna see your chocolate dates order now! hehhehehe