Monday, January 17, 2011

PVC Pencil Case - Blue

Guess what....this time , my pencil case has a special touch...none other than my beloved nephew. Danial loves to draw whenever he's free. I love seeing his cartoon sketches and I think he can go further :) So since he has requested me to do a pencil case using the pvc material, I asked him to do the design cause I'm a bit lazy to draw hehhehe. And this is what he did...he drew what he wanted on felt and cut them dear auntie would only need to glue it on the eh? heheheh


Aisyah Helga said...

Ya, very smart, Auntie Fida! Sama lah dgn nama tengah anak sulung saya dan dia pun artistik dr segi melukis.

Rafidah Ahmad said...

aisyah ...hehehe, let them show their skills heheh

Yati said...

Ooo pandai. Senang kerja aunty. :D