Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Double Flowers Headbands

Thought of doing something different for the headbands..not much different actually, just added another flower instead of normal single flower on top of it.

Come to think of it, two is better than one huh? hehehhehe

2011 starts with quite a busy one for me especially at the office. Embarking of new projects, paperwork of this and that. I can't wait for the next public holidays. At this busy-bee time period, I would definitely feel envy of my crafter friends who are homemakers , having the chance to be at home during daytime. I know that staying at home also requires hard work ..with the never ending house chores etc but then can take a nap whenever you want hehehhe. Oh well... I guess I just have to be patient and go through the days...with crafting ideas in my mind, having to do what I love during my past time, I must be grateful :)


Aisyah Helga said...

Comel,kak! Memanglah jadi housewife ni byk masa tp....kerja 24 jam! kalau duk ofis 8 jam je. Ada baik & buruk die kan? :)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tq aisyah..yup betul..agree on the keja tak penah abih kat rumah..cuma kat rumah takyah pandang muka bos's nice to have crafters for exchanging ideas macam uols...luv ya :)

MisFyd said...

Cute! definately 2 is better than 1 =)

Eh kt umh bukan ade boss jugak ke for homemaker? =P

Rafidah Ahmad said...

heheh bos kat umah takyah buat appraisal heheh...pastu leh ngelat2 sket hehehe

anyway...thank fyd...hope this 2011 brings more success :)

lia said...

cantik lah akak..suka kaler akak sweet...of course 2 is better than 1..:)

Yati said...

Comel la headbands!
Rasanya, memang dok rumah ada kelebihan sikit berbanding pergi kerja. Boleh tidor suka hati, sendiri jadi bos, sendiri jadi kuli, boleh ngelat main game kalau boring. Tapi kalo kerja, end of the month, dapat gaji tetap, boleh beli banyak benda.. surirumah mana ada gaji.... elaun pun kadang-kadang tak dapat. Hehhe.. tapi takpe la, besarkan anak sendiri adalah reward paling best tak ternilai.