Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lalala Land

Hi peeps!!!

School holiday is going to end sooonnnnnnnnnnn.....same goes with year 2011. Phewwww, just came back from short holiday with my nephews at one of the waterpark ...splash, splash, splash plus the raining season hehehehhe. Anyway, had fun but the weather really makes me wanna catch cold and fever...but hey! gonna start thinking of next year's plans- want I want to achieve, do, enjoy and what bad habits and improvement than I need to pursue :) So start your thinking cap ready, scribble some of your thoughts and soon you'll be ready to start the journey  :)


Aisyah Helga said...

Good luck in everything you do, kak Fida! I've given up on making resolutions :p I just take one day at a time and try my very best in everything I do! Love all your hats esp the white one :)

Yaati Nor said...

cantik nya kak..saya kurang mood nak mengait sejak ngandung boy ke..huhuhuhh..cita2 nak buat set baby tapi tak tahu la kesampaian ke tak..

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tq aisyah....betul2...resolution ni kekadang mcm tak payah hehehe

hi yaati nor..tq ...nanti boleh tu....slow2 ok...moga selamat sampai deliver :)