Sunday, September 7, 2008


I dont know why I love Sabah very much. Kota Kinabalu, Semporna, Tawau..just to name a few places that I adore in Sabah. I've been to KK few times but never get enough of this place. The food is great and the best things here are the islands! The beaches are beautiful , the underwater scenery are superb...hmmm..what more can i say. I also wish to stay at one of Kinabalu's Resort...just for a change of scenery :) Maybe this time, wanna experience the cool atmosphere of the mountain instead of the sea breeze and hot sun hehehehhe. Here's some photos of the great Kinabalu mountain and the resort that I willllllllllll stay.....sooooonnnnn....hehehhehee


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend you to go to my Kampung ;) Tuaran next'll love it :) also same jalan to Gunung Kinabalu..Mange tau tempatnyer...skrg dah ada Turf Club, if u like riding

Rafidah Ahmad said...

huhuuuu....awesome babe.....i've always love sabah....miss it so much ...uwaaaaaaa