Thursday, August 28, 2008

Childhood Place

Sometimes u wish u could to turn back the clock and be a kid once again. I can still remember the place where I was born, the peaceful Kuala Kubu Bharu. Lived there till I was 10 years old and the memories still stick in my head like Elephant Glue (Gam Gajah hehehhe). Anyways, time flies so fast and yet Kuala Kubu Bharu still remains the sweet, peaceful small town . With its lots of greeneries along the road, the same rows of shops but slightly more organized , KKB still holds the best of my childhood memories. How I wish I have a nice small resthouse here for me to just have my getaway once in a while. Driving towards the house that I've lived was truly an emotional sad feeling. I could still remember the glance of my late grandmother walking towards our home almost every month, carrying her bag full of sweets and tidbits for me and my brother. Just check out the photos that my good friend Shidi took during his work trip in KKB recently and u can surely feels the same way I feel about this place. Isk ! Isk ! Isk!

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Juragan said...

A popular song by late Allahyarham Sudirman 'Kalau pergi Kuala Kubu, tulis nama atas batu....' have you done it... he he hee