Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yarns & Cakes Make Life Perfect

Even though I'm slowing down on crocheting...but still I can't get myself away from the yarns too long... true, I bake a lot these practicing new cake recipes and nibbling cake here and there..I would steal few minutes crocheting in front of the tv etc. I call it the 'Curse of the Yarns' hehehehe.

And my pineapple from the oven.

Looking forward for more public holidays ahead....I can bake and crochet more...yes!


Puteri Nurhayati said...

Kak Fidah crochet apa tu? Nampak macam bekas telor. Sorry ya, kalau salah.
Sedapnya kek! ^_^

lia said...

a'ah...nk buat apa bekas telur tu kak?amik order ke? suka tgk kek yg akak buat,semuanya nmpak sedap!!