Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 2012...almost ending

Time does's almost end of January 2012...can u believe it? But I'm looking forward for February actually becauseeeeeeeee....more public holidays....:)

Ok, enough of holiday mood that never ends ....done few crochet orders for fellow friends 


Flower crochet headbands 

 and shocking pink hat :)

.... how I package my stuffs for posting to beloved customers..wrapping them in oil/brown paper plus the decorative tape/washi tape....simple :)


Yati said...

Gambar Kak Fidah sekarang banyak yang close-up banding dulu. Jadi, makin geram tengok, bunga tu. :)
Cun nya kak Fida pack barang customer.

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tq sebab guna camera...tu yang leh closeup and lebih clear sket la kan heheh...packing tu sempoi jek...guna kertas minyak heheh jimat sket

lovestitch said...

Such a lovely post! I cannot believe too, where time has gone???
Love your headbands and the flower looks great with pink button!
Enjoy your Holidays in Feb!
Best wishes, LS

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tq LS...always enjoy posts...