Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Rain

Don't you love the raining season sometimes...the air is cool and fresh, the plants look more greener, windy and breezy....and you can just relax , doing your whatever things you are doing....listening to the rain drops...outside the window... 

Just finished some flowers ...arranged them closely in a box

 And once finished....arranged them in different ways...hahahahhahaha


School holiday starts I'm sure all parents have some plans for their kids. Myself and hubby are also thinking of bringing my nephews for a short trip....but not sure of the destination yet. 



Aisyah Helga said...

Cantik lah kak Fida! Love all the colors! Holiday ni sama je mcm biasa, kami tk gi mana2 pun :) Asyik hujan je, ombak pun kuat. Very gloomy sini, kak :(

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tq aisyah :)

tu ler sini pun almost everyday ujan..nak bawak pegi pantai timur pun dah start banjir..

harap benang2 kaler cantek2 dapat ceriakan aisyah di sana ..take care