Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eat, Crochet , Love :)

It's almost approaching November and 2 months to go for year 2011 to end. Time does fly fast. Looking back from early 2011 till now, I think there were few things that I managed to complete/achieve such as :

1. Go for a vacation to any of Islands that I've not been to -
    Result : Managed to go to Tioman 

2. Buy a camera so that I take better photos of my crafts/etc
   Result : Managed to buy a simple digi camera that was on offer at groupon 

3. Start brushing my baking/cooking skill....for own satisfaction/self 
   improvement and   business (maybe! hehehhe)
   Result : Only managed to start this in mid October- need to bake more 
   and  more hehhehe(see photos below for evidences hahahahhaa

4. Save my crafty business's profit
    Result : This is quite hard to achieve, still struggling to do some saving :)

5. Spend more time with my mom , treat her and pamper her during weekends
    Result : So far, I did try my best to spare my time for her every      
    Sunday...take her to where ever she wants to go....mostly within Klang 
    Valley only hehe...
6. Control my temper 
    Result : Hmmm.....still working on this hhhehehehhehe especially with 
    annoying people :)

7. Do better in crocheting
    Result : Now I can crochet hats...with the help of my dear crochet   
    friends worldwide :)

I guess these are just few things that I can think of today..I'm sure by end of the end, there'll be more things to ponder :)


Aisyah Helga said...

Yay for kak Fida! You can do it! Ganbatte! Bagus akak ada plan camni, hujung thn boleh review balik kan?

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tq aisyah.... i guess i need to really focus :)

Yati said...

Tahniah Fida.. or should Yati panggil Kak Fida, sebab lebih senior kan dari Kak Aisyah.. tahniah atas segala pencapaian tahun ni! Kalau tak achieve pun takpe, at least kita cuba kan.. ^_^