Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello world! Wow....it's been almost 2 weeks huh? No post, no nothing..why oh why?  Maybe I was a bit hooked up with watching JP & Ashley of The Bachelorette Season 7 lately plus I'm totally addicted watching French movie..with English sub-titles of course. There's something about French movie, the scenery, the actors, the language..lovely!

Talking about lovely, I've capture few photos of these lovely blooming flowers at my porch. 

And I did promise last time that I will post the below pattern. Hope the pattern is clear enough for all to see.I think it's quite simple, don't you think?

Starts with magic ring or 4 chains.

Round 1 : Do 8 single crochets then slip stitch.

Round 2 : Slip stitch on 1st single crochet , next do 8 chain. Continues with 4 double crochets and a single crochet. Go to next single crochet , slip stitch and repeat the 8 chain and so forth until you have  8 petals.

Lastly, slip stitch and fastern  the yarn.

I hope my steps are correct. Feel free to comment if any k.

A photo from the book that I got the pattern from on how you can decorate using the flower.

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