Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I Have Been Up To :)

Hectic week plus recovering mode from flu etc...not forgetting the school holidays chaos with my lovely nephews around , sleeping over , playing computer games bla bla life was GREAT :)

Anyway...managed to pull some time for a bit of crocheting ...even though the productivity seemed to be far from what I've targeted hehhehehe

'Kopiah' for my dad ...

Crochet Brooches in a making...

Just to compare the yarn (in grey) that I bought from with the yarn (nona) that I normally use. The grey yarn is much more easy to use and lovely as flower , to my opinion.

And for a bit of a show-off moment hehehe, here's the latest collection of my yarn and buttons :)

Notice the purple yarn? I got it from a swap thing at swap workshop, lovely yarn I might say! It's made from merino wool and bamboo....and it's so soft and silky , makes me feel hesitate to use it :)

Here's a closer look of the yarn, with lovely note from the sender....all the way from Scotland


Aisyah Helga said...

Sukenye saya tengok yarns n buttons collection akak tu! Best kan yarn Debbie Bliss tu?? Saya pun sayang nk guna yg saya. Maybe bila dah jumpa paten yg sesuai akan diguna jugak!

Rafidah Ahmad said...

tu ler tuh...memang sayang sangat....mahal ke debbie bliss ni yea? mana nak dapat ek?

Yati said...

Sayang nak guna benang dari oversea ni yek. Banyaknya koleksi button Fida. :)
Yati pun setuju. Ada benang, kita siap cepat dan mudah nak handle berbanding benang murah. Ops.. tapi benang mahal sayang nak guna. Hehe!

Yaati Nor said...

cantiknya yg koleksi button tu kak..salam pekenalan. mn akak beli compartment tu yek..puas cari..