Sunday, March 6, 2011

Headbands & New Flowers

Hi everyone! how's your weekend? Been good? Mine was as usual, normal routine to the market, doing things here and there, ood nap in the afternoon zzzzzzzzz.... But wait, I did some new things with crochet...been trying out few flower completing one or two orders hehhehe.

Looking forward for the upcoming week since I'll be getting my craft material that I've ordered online, lalalalalallaa....can't wait ...will share with you guys about it :)..Till then, happy crafting and enjoy the weekdays :)


Yati said...

Cantik la Fida, headband tu.
Flower yang baru tu pun. Nice work!

:: noremy bte rahmat :: said...

folo & BW..

mehla jenguk belog ai..

salam kenal!(^_^)