Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun 'Felt-on-Tshirt' class with Mikylyana

Today's post got nothing to do with my craft :)
Having involved in this craft world has allowed me to meet unique, creative people..and one of them is this fellow crafter namely sabrina ( we call her sab hehehe) . She has two lovely cute daughters and she herself is a bubbly, cheerful, lovely lady :) Let's talk about her craft what fid of said...her hands are like sewing machine...she hand-sews like one you know! Wish I can swap hands with her ..LOL. Let's see what she's gonna do on the 26th March 2011. Check it out !

Come and join the's worth it :) ** psssttt sab...can i get a free felt t-shirt? hehehhe


Yati said...

Ramai yang mewar-warkan class ni kat blog dan FB. Menarik! Kalau kat KL, Yati dah join dah. :)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

eheheh sabrina ni memang berbakat....tu ler kan...kalau yati kat sini mesti kita leh get together2