Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pink, Black & White Theme Headbands


Done half, few more headbands to go......when it's done...I'll be relieved and happy :) My reward? Ice-blended frappucinno heheheh..Anyway, just few weeks to end of 2010 and hopefully more new ideas/creations/projects coming in. And I'm continuing with things I've yet to have for crafting ( previously I was talking about places that I would love to go/visit rite?)
Crochet Hook Set (image from

My own craftroom with ikea setup (*drool) (image from Mr google)

So folks, I don't mind if you wanna give above stuffs for my next birthday's present heheheh..


lia said...

wow!cantik jugak tema pink,hitam dan putih ni ye? harap2 impian akak utk crochet hook dan craftroom tu menjadi kenyataan ye...(impian sy jugak tu..heheh)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

heheh tq lia! best kan kalau dapat crafroom tuh..sure tido skali dalam tuh heheheh