Friday, December 24, 2010

Brother & Sister Pencil Cases

Cool idea from beloved auntie to her niece and nephew in Johor...asking me to make pencil cases for them and directly shipped to them before their birthdays lovely ! And thank goodness I managed to complete these on time...and those joyful kids were happy to receive such parcels from the dear postman hehehhe...small gifts but MEANINGFUL meaning from their aunt.

Sometimes, it's not the size or value of the present but the thought that counts rite? Even a wish from a friend on any of your special day would gives a great meaning especially from closed friends/loved ones :)


Yati said...

Betul tu Fida. Lagi-lagi kalau hadiahkan barang handmade, lagi special. :)
Sungguh produktif la Fida ni! Banyaknya buat crochet! Dengan felt craftsnya lagi. Go go Fida!

Rafidah Ahmad said...

heheh thanks yati...tu pun curi2 masa gak malam2...slow2 buat..kalau tak lenguh tangan heheheh....