Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pink & White Beads Headbands

Here's another comeback :)

Pink & White Beaded Headbands - requested by a dear friend for her daughter.

Would also like to wish all my Indian friends, bloggers, crafters who will be celebrating Deepavali this coming Friday...Have a great one!


lia said...

akak,you're right!!white and pink can never go wrong...(pinjam ayat akak ni...hehe)tambah beads lagi cantikk!!

Rafidah Ahmad said...

hehhehe tq tq....beads tu pun idea dari customer....sometimes customer ni lagik byk idea heheheh

Yati said...

Pink dengan white memang combination yang sweet. Macamana attach beads tu?

Rafidah Ahmad said...

thanks yati..oo beads tu kita jahit hheh