Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crochet Headbands,Hair Clip, Brooches

3 items in a row...headbands, hair clip and brooches. I seldom do brooches , don't I? hehhe But kinda fun having those flowers as can actually use it on your scarfs, on your pencil case, cosmetic pouch, bag or even on your plain headband.


Aisyah Helga said...

Semua cantik2! Great work :)

MisFyd said...

Yup! Setuju! All are cute! I think this is my first time tgk Kak Pidah bat brooch :)

ayin~weeweet said...

lawa2..berapa ek kak..seswai xkalau nk pakaikan pd baby?

Rafidah Ahmad said...

aisyah....thanks babe...if its not because of my fellow crafters here , there'll be no inspiration :)

misfyd...thanks dear for ur support and ideas, i need to improve more hehhe

ayin..leh beri email? memang ni untuk baby pun heheheh....tapi mama baby pun buleh jek... :)

yunne said...

salam kak
cantik sgt hasil tangan akak
nk tya if nk beli headband without flower leh tak?
nk beli flower asing yg ada klip kat belakg
leh tak kasi tau price?

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