Monday, April 26, 2010

Sneak Preview...Again hehehe

Another order but having mind the inspiration was like hanging in my head...but yet I need to complete this ASAP hehehe.

The theme is orange color....for a new gadget...kinda forgot what's the gadget is, but the client is a regular client so I need to keep up with his expectation ngeeeeeeeeee....

Take a peek :)

And when I close my eyes , I see this picture
Again,it is not relevant to the craft story :)


MisFyd said...

For iPAD?! hehehe...huyoooo :p

Yati said...

Ha ha, pergi la tepi laut, mana tahu, boleh dapat inspiration baik punya! (wink..!)

Rafidah Ahmad said... untuk iphone hehehe

yati...tu ler kan...i nak kena cop duit byk sket baru leh gi vacation hehehe