Thursday, April 1, 2010

Purple Pencil Case

Pheewwwh...I almost think I can't get away from the flower crochet shehehe...but luckily I managed to take a break for while to complete my outstanding pencil cases....long overdue..oh dear. This order is a set of 5 but I think I would post them on the blog individually since I'm not patient enough to wait for all 5 to complete for photocapture :)
I've done such design similar to this purple pencil case previously, but with different colour I guess. It's kinda fun playing with buttons :)
And let's take a peek while I'm working heheh..


MisFyd said...

huuu...crochet mmg an addiction!

If Fyd dh start, mesti tk bole benti. Kene jugak siapkan. Tk kesah la kait bende kecik ke besar. =P

littlestore said...

sweet color...

Rafidah Ahmad said...

u r rite fyd ...hehehhe tangan tu dok nak bergerak2 mengait heheh

littlestore..thanks babe