Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wow...never in my life I receive an award....feel like an Oscar winner :) and I receive 2 at a time...coool huh? Thanks to Aisyah of http://mytinkerspace.blogspot.com/ and liza(my sifu) of http://sekocinorlie.blogspot.com/....thanks so much my friend crafters!

So now...i'm giving this award to :
1. Aisyah of http://mytinkerspace.blogspot.com/ , such a hardworking generous crafter...great creative ideas, regular commentor :)
2. Fid of http://misfydkrafts.blogspot.com/, such a cool creative creative, regular commentor :)
3.My Sifu-norliza of http://sekocinorlie.blogspot.com/, such a cool crazy hardworking crafter hehhe
4. Yati of http://homemakers-puteri.blogspot.com/ , crosstitch expert, creative crafter...such a nice lady
5. Tini of http://tinihani.blogspot.com/, such an expert sewer, crafter
6. Sus of http://cutieyfelt.blogspot.com/such a cute person, creative, young, vibrant
7.http://dmasyri.blogspot.com/, another creative crafter....great with buttons arrangement :)
8. tiong tiong of http://feltwishes.blogspot.com/ , young, creative, cute crafter
9. http://khairuncraft.blogspot.com/, cool crafter, felt supplier, luv her keychains
10.cinonet of http://cinonetcomelcraft.blogspot.com/ another cute crafter with cute designs!
11.http://craftkami.blogspot.com/, again, creative and unique crafter, so cool!
12. http://dalzbuttoncraft.blogspot.com/..cool button brooch crafter....so cute!!!

There....anyway...there are so many gifted crafters in my list.... i just love them all.


Aisyah Helga said...

Thank you,kak :)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

hehe welcome dear

MisFyd said...

Kak Fidah! Thanks for the award :)

Actually I gave you one yesterday heheh...jgn lupe claim ek :D

Yati said...

thank you for the award!
Kembang kempis hidung saya terima award. Terharu. Hehhe..

Rafidah Ahmad said...

myfyd heheh...tu ler...i rasa best giler dapat award dari geng2 tersayang hehehe

yati...u deserve it babe :)

dMasyri said...

salam kak fidah..
tq la sudi kasik award tu
br je perasan..
nnti dyg amek ye..:)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

ok dyg :) muahhhhhhhhhhhh