Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Soft Pink, Striking Pink

Pink does have many characters, just like people. One design (the navy pouch with soft pink) is for my dear friend, Kak Umi. Nice, soft but strong hearted person, I've known her only for a short while but her warmth and sincere personality allows me to adore her as if I've known her for years. Hope u like it, kak umi :)

Another one is for my good old school friend, yuszalina. The striking pink resembles her as bubbly, cheerful, courageous person and she's still the same yus I've known all these years. Miss you girl. Hope you like this creation (I'm posting it by today heheh no worries).

Again, colour does speaks :)


BiEha Besh said...

e eiii,,comei la ,,,nk jugak~welldone dear~!

Rafidah Ahmad said...

thanks bieha...muahhhhhhhhhhhhh..