Monday, November 2, 2009

When the models start posing :)

All rite girls..enough of indoor shooting ok. Let's try posing outside ....with the pots and plants , dont tell mak ok, she'll think I'm going nuts..talking to the handphone casings hehehe.

These models are for my beloved friends and thanks guys for ordering hehehhe. I just love making them and once they're completed , I would definitely feel relieved, relaxed, satisified etc. Actually, kinda sad a bit to give them away....they are such so...naive, innocent , ok ok...stop exaggerating fida hehehe


Nisa said...

Comel2 hp pouch nih,hehe.. keep it up kak (n_n) n tq for droppin by ya ~

Rafidah Ahmad said...

thanks nisa...akak baru terkedek2 membuatnya hasil kerastangan ni hehehe...thanks for the comment ...muahhhhhhh