Monday, August 10, 2009


Sometimes i wonder if we do take care of our environment. What have we done to protect the nature especially our islands and underwater world? My trip to Perhentian recently did give me some views, perceptions and hopes for the corals and underwater lives. I did see some damages of corals in certain parts of the Perhentian Island, Redang and Lang Tengah. We can't depend on the local authorities to protect these. We must do it together for there will be no more to see in years to come. No corals means no tourists will visit the islands and that means no income for the local people. From my observation, the workers ,the snorkeler guides at the islands play the most important roles to preserve the mother nature. Here are some shots (courtesy from Cekna) from the recent trip and I'm sure the underwater lives would be much better if extensive awareness and care have been were practiced since the early days. Hope I can still meet with the nemos and turtles in my future visit there.

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